IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME) 2017

ICME’2017 Special Session: Multimedia Applications in Healthcare


Nowadays multimedia based healthcare is furnished with various exciting applications and encouraging achievements. The modern health care industry fueled by increasing use of medical devices and sensors, becomes one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. The emerging wearable sensor technology and mobile computing stimulate both more opportunities and challenges for low-cost healthcare. The integration of wearable medical sensors with wireless communication and mobile network has made significant impact on e-healthcare and telemedicine. Massive healthcare sensor data can be collected and stored from almost anywhere at any time. Equipped with various multimedia tools, techniques and services, computerized healthcare is emerging as an ever-increasing important multidisciplinary area which offers tremendous opportunities and excellent facilities to doctors, healthcare professionals and other eligible users to enhance performance by fully utilizing the rich health related multimedia data for effective decision making. The evolution of this new combination of computer-based and health-oriented trend will be beneficial not only computer-aided medical diagnosis and therapy, but also modern telemedicine and promising e-health applications.

This special session aims to provide a central forum for researchers with different background and from the diverse fields of engineering, computing, medicine and health science to present the latest findings and the state-of-art methodologies for the cross-area research on computerized healthcare. The issues to be addressed include not only the fundamental aspects on data analytics in the rich context of health related multimedia data, but also the crucial components such as health data representation, management, analysis, classification, bioinformatics, machine learning, ubiquitous computing and network technologies.

The goal of this special session is to foster the state-of-art research findings, methodologies, technologies and services on a general platform of multimedia computing for diverse cross area healthcare applications with the insight into the current advances, challenges and trends. The focus of multimedia applications in healthcare also consolidates the theme of ICME’2017 – the new media experience. Its coverage and impact is beyond the conventional medical imaging by providing more comprehensive health related content on the aspects of diversity, complexity and generalization.


The topics of interest of this Special Session include, but are not limited to:

Computer-aided diagnosis and monitoring by multimedia biosignal integration
Medical informatics and bioinformatics
Context-aware e-health multimedia services and applications
Multimedia big data analytics for healthcare
Data mining and machine learning in multimedia computing for personalized healthcare
Multimedia communication networks and environment for healthcare information systems and telemedicine
Distributed multimedia applications of body area networks in healthcare
Multimedia computing and computational healthcare informatics
Intelligent e-health multimedia service computing in mobile clouds
Multimedia content indexing and retrieval fore-healthcare
Multimedia aided dietary management for healthcare
Multimedia streaming and information security for healthcare sensors/devices/systems
Multimedia assisted online training for evidence-based treatments and rehabilitation
Multimodal medical signal processing: Data acquisition, representation, fusion, classification
Multimedia supported smart health care and monitoring with wearable sensors
Other multimedia computing techniques, algorithms and innovative methods for healthcare information management

Important Dates and Submission Procedure:

Please refer to the relevant information at ICME’2017 website All the submitted papers will go through the same review process as that for the regular ICME’2017 paper submissions. Referees will consider originality, significance, technical soundness, clarity of exposition, and relevance to the special session topics above.

Special Session Organizers:

Jane You, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG,

Vladimir Stankovic,University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK,